THE SCALE OF THINGS / Pelota, Via Palermo 10

The exhibition presents experimental work by Matti Klenell, Jonas Wagell, Lukas Dahlén, Folkform, Färg & Blanche and Jens Fager.

Six of Sweden’s foremost designers has interpreted the concept of scale: to scale down, scale up, scale in relation between objects and between images and reality, to scale as monuments and miniatures and in terms of distance. A beautiful opportunity to witness widely differing design interpretations by leading Swedish designers and see work never before presented in Milan at the Pelota building on via Palermo 10, Milano.

Tuesday 10.00 –19.00 party by invitation 19:30-23:00
Wednesday-Thursday 10.00 – 21.00
Friday 10.00 – 24.00
Saturday 10.00 – 21.00
Sunday 10.00 – 16.00


FÄRG & BLANCHE  will show a part of their awarded and much talked about conceptual collection “WOOD TAILORING”, their new chair Emily for GÄRSNÄS,  Succession stools and ceramic.


A special thanks to Gärsnäs, Dox, Kinnarps and Stockholm Furniture Fair.



The video project Longing to fly, Longing to fall had its premiere at Stockholm Furniture Fair.

It is a unique collaboration of art, dance, music and furniture design. 

Swedish architect and musician Erika Janunger created a buzz in 2007 with her art and music video Weightless, where the dancers performed in a room twisted 90 degrees. The effect was a mind-boggling illusion of weightlessness, and the attention was wide enough for the video to be displayed on Times Square in New York During 2013, Janunger has been working on her new project, which further explores similar effects.


– In Longing to fly, Longing to fall we have continued to experiment with the bodily movements in relation to space and gravity, but in new ways, says Erika Janunger. The concept we have come up with also works very well live, which we realized during the shooting. So apart from showing the film at festivals and exhibitions, we are also planning on turning it into a live performance.

15Unique furniture design

The unique blending of art forms stands out, and the addition of furniture from design duo Färg & Blanche closes the creative circle. The furniture is created specifically for Longing to fly, Longing to fall with designs and materials that could withstand the tough conditions on set. The outdoor sequences for instance were shot in a gravel pit and at a wood chip factory.



– Everything in this project is created separately but still blends perfectly together, says Erika Janunger. It’s not just a dance film. We have inspired each other, but the choreography, music and design can also stand on their own. They are separate parts that become stronger together.

01-1The project shows the benefits of collaboration, and choreographer Oskar Frisk hopes to see more interesting ways of spreading dance as an art form.

– Blending art forms in an unexpected way like this is very interesting, he says. It’s like a cultural cross-fertilization where a collaboration with architects, musicians and designers can bring forth new ways of exploring bodily expressions.


The video was released on February 5 together with FÄRG & BLANCHE design exhibition “WOOD TAILORING”

03Director and composer: Erika Janunger

Producer and choreographer: Oskar Frisk

Furniture design: Färg & Blanche

Music and arrangements: Erika Janunger,  Pontus Langendorff and Uno Helmersson

Dancers: César Garcia & Stacy Aung – Norrdans, Härnösand

Costume designer: Helena Helle Carlsson

Financiers: Kulturbryggan, Norrdans, Film i Västernorrland, Landstinget i Västernorrland.


Thanks for a fantastic Stockholm Furniture Fair & Design week, a lot happened for us last week!

DSC02160We presented our WOOD TAILORING project for the first time in an exhibition in our studio together with the premiere of an art Film “LONGING TO FLY , LONGING TO FALL” by Erika Janunger and Oskar Frisk. We made all the furniture for the film.

For more info about WOOD TAILORING look at our website : http://www.fargblanche.com

DSC02242We want to thanks all the people that came to the premiere and the exhibition, it was such a great experience to show you this fantastic collaboration.



DSC02286We also exhibited at the Fair  at the “TWELVE-established Nordic Designers” exhibition.

Here our space  showing both new and old things like EMMA armchair , F-A-B chair and some pieces of the wood tailoring collection.

fargblanche stofair photo alexander lagergrenOur EMMA Armchair for Gärsnäs got a little sister EMILY:

Gärsnäs 2014And we won FORM+1 AWARD for best new product 2014 at the Stockholm Furniture Fair for our WOOD LAYER armchair/WOOD TAILORING









Adelphi_Om Nom_01We are really proud to have our F-A-B chair in the restaurant of the new 4 stars Adelphi Hotel in Melbourne, AUSTRALIA, that reopen this autumn.

For this project we made a special F-A-B chair with a Medium Cover that fit around a dinning table.   F-A-B chair Medium is now one of our standard.

Adelphi_Foyer_01For the lounge area our EMMA armchair we made for GÄRSNÄS, really elegantly placed by the architect team HACHEM.


Here the Adelphi Hotel from above.




fab london3

-MINT, Cabinets of curiosity, 2 north terrace, London, 14-30 september.
We will present 2 chairs of the collection called F-A-B.
The exhibition is arranged by MINT in collaboration with Svensk Form .
old truman brewery, brick lane, London, 19-22 september.
We will show an unique edition of Succession stool made of 12 000 staples set by hand.  NAILED SUCCESSION look soft from far but is not. The Stool is as brutal as it is sophisticated and refined.

DESIGN (R)EVOLUTION IMG_4663During Designers Days in Paris, 4-16 june, Fredrik Färg and Emma Marga Blanche participated in the exhibition Design [R]evolution, at the Musée des Arts et Métiers. By welcoming the Design [R]evolution the museum is establishing a dialogue between the exhibited design works and its permanent collection, to respond to the question “And tomorrow…?” or how does our technological heritage shape the design of tomorrow. 

Other designers who participated are among others Matthieu Lehanneur, Marc Thorpe, Yves Behar, Kiki Van Eijk and Staffan Holm.
The exhibition is curated by Élodie Palasse-Leroux. www.designrevolution.fr
All pictures Copyright S.Laniray  

DESIGN (R)EVOLUTION IMG_4537 DESIGN (R)EVOLUTION IMG_4504 DESIGN (R)EVOLUTION IMG_4506 IMG_6105SUCCESSION in Brown leather in the communication departement of the museum.

copyright ARRO studio

DESIGN (R)EVOLUTION IMG_4693EMMA from Gärsnäs in the textile departement .


DESIGN (R)EVOLUTION IMG_4667Fly F-A-B / special Clément Ader

A F-A-B chair is specially made for the exhibition and is an interpretation of the well known bat-alike aeroplane Avion III, which was created by Clément Ader, a French engineer and explorer.