Paris Designers Days / Musée des Arts et Métiers

DESIGN (R)EVOLUTION IMG_4663During Designers Days in Paris, 4-16 june, Fredrik Färg and Emma Marga Blanche participated in the exhibition Design [R]evolution, at the Musée des Arts et Métiers. By welcoming the Design [R]evolution the museum is establishing a dialogue between the exhibited design works and its permanent collection, to respond to the question “And tomorrow…?” or how does our technological heritage shape the design of tomorrow. 

Other designers who participated are among others Matthieu Lehanneur, Marc Thorpe, Yves Behar, Kiki Van Eijk and Staffan Holm.
The exhibition is curated by Élodie Palasse-Leroux.
All pictures Copyright S.Laniray  

DESIGN (R)EVOLUTION IMG_4537 DESIGN (R)EVOLUTION IMG_4504 DESIGN (R)EVOLUTION IMG_4506 IMG_6105SUCCESSION in Brown leather in the communication departement of the museum.

copyright ARRO studio

DESIGN (R)EVOLUTION IMG_4693EMMA from Gärsnäs in the textile departement .


DESIGN (R)EVOLUTION IMG_4667Fly F-A-B / special Clément Ader

A F-A-B chair is specially made for the exhibition and is an interpretation of the well known bat-alike aeroplane Avion III, which was created by Clément Ader, a French engineer and explorer.




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