Thanks for a fantastic Stockholm Furniture Fair & Design week, a lot happened for us last week!

DSC02160We presented our WOOD TAILORING project for the first time in an exhibition in our studio together with the premiere of an art Film “LONGING TO FLY , LONGING TO FALL” by Erika Janunger and Oskar Frisk. We made all the furniture for the film.

For more info about WOOD TAILORING look at our website :

DSC02242We want to thanks all the people that came to the premiere and the exhibition, it was such a great experience to show you this fantastic collaboration.



DSC02286We also exhibited at the Fair  at the “TWELVE-established Nordic Designers” exhibition.

Here our space  showing both new and old things like EMMA armchair , F-A-B chair and some pieces of the wood tailoring collection.

fargblanche stofair photo alexander lagergrenOur EMMA Armchair for Gärsnäs got a little sister EMILY:

Gärsnäs 2014And we won FORM+1 AWARD for best new product 2014 at the Stockholm Furniture Fair for our WOOD LAYER armchair/WOOD TAILORING










We are proud to announce that our armchair called EMMA  for Gärsnäs won the

“Furniture of the year Award 2013” by Sköna Hem.


On stage with Dan Gordan, editor at Sköna Hem and Cilla Robach, curator at National museum.

Dag Klockby, Fredrik Färg och Emma Blanche

Together with Dag Klockby, Gärsnäs CEO

ENGLISH: JURY STATEMENT “Emma is a classic in modern Garb. A well-tailored interaction between tradition and industrial manufacturing. An acquaintance with a long history, dressed in the latest fashion: tight elegant and feminine with leggings. ”

SWEDISH: JURYNS MOTIVERING ”Emma är en klassiker i modern dräkt. Ett välskräddat samspel mellan hantverkstradition och industri‑ tillverkning. En bekantskap med gamla anor, klädd enligt senaste mode: stramt elegant och feminint med leggings.”



Sköna Hem link :–Emma