Textil Bar “BEYOND COUTURE” Stockholm furniture fair 2012

Fredrik Färg has been honored to be invited by the Stockholm Furniture Fair to make a textile theme exhibition at the fair 2012.

A landscape of dressed-up animal forms, ice and stone. The “Beyond Couture” bar and exhibit at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2012 offers visitors a textile fantasy landscape that erases all boundaries.

Last year’s Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair highlighted lighting. In 2012, textiles will take centre stage. Designer Fredrik Färg and his newly established design studio have been commissioned by the fair to create a bar environment that focuses on textile for public environments and gives both exhibitors and visitors a place to meet and mingle.

The bar – Beyond Couture – is inspired by the extremes used in the fashion world to put textiles on display, with extravagant collections, huge fashion shows and fantastic environments.

“My work may be inspired by fashion on many levels, but it is inspired to an even greater degree by how the fashion world uses space to show off textile creations. Both clothes and furniture can be textile creations. It is up to us to make our environment as emotional and full of life as possible,” says Fredrik Färg.

The bar displays textile products from over ten textile producers. They are applied to the scenography of the bar and the room, on seats and on large sculptures. Beyond Couture displays textile animal forms in a bright landscape, where creations and sculptures make their home under a stormy cloud of textile. Several of the objects have been specially created for the exhibit.

The Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair will take place at Stockholmsmässan 7-11 February 2012.


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